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mini-itx FMC Vita 57 XM105

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mini-itx FMC Vita 57 XM105

I have a mini-ITX board and need to wire in 8 LVDS input pairs - and it looks like the FMC connector is the only way, so my questions are:
1. Has anyone connected the XM105 to a mini-ITX - it looks like the XM105 is a bit too long for the mini-ITX - how do you get around this problem?
2.  Is the mini-ITX  FMC connector Vita 57.1 compatable?
3. Does anyone have any other suggestion for inputting LVDs signals to the mini-ITX?
John c.

The Mini-ITX Base Kit is

The Mini-ITX Base Kit is shipped with an FMC adpater that allows the height of the FMC connector be increased. This should help you plug in the XM105 FMC module without being obstructed by the Zynq heat sink.