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MiniZed / XC7Z007S power requirements

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MiniZed / XC7Z007S power requirements

Dear Colleagues,
I have a core supply of 5v @ 250mA (half a USB port). With appropriate regulation, can I reasonably expect to run the smallest Zynq chip off this supply? No DDR, all on-chip with free-RTOS.

You may be able to develop

You may be able to develop using that supply, but honestly I would not trust it to be able to run without potentially going into overcurrent and shutting down. Your best bet is to go to and download XPE (the xilinx power estimator) and enter what your usage profile looks like. It will give you a pretty good estimate of how much power your design will draw. You can use the quick estimate macro to just enter info as a percentage of the resources. Please take a look at it and if you have questions respond back and I'll help you through it.