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NAND flash IC in Picozed 7030

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NAND flash IC in Picozed 7030

In the user guide of Picozed 7015/7030. it is written that picozed 7030 has only 3 boot modes, sd card, jtag and qspi. Does this mean that nand flash is not available? And if it is, how do i get started with it?

Hello Mubashira,

Hello Mubashira,

Nand boot is not availabe.



NAND Memory

Hi Josh,
Thanks for the info. So does that mean that there is no nand flash available in picozed 7030 and it cannot be used at all?
Also, is the process described in the following link null for picoozed 7030?

The Xilinx Zynq device

The Xilinx Zynq device supports NAND and NAND boot. PicoZed does not implement a NAND interface on the board. Alternatively, PicoZed does implement an eMMC interface, which does not support first-stage booting, but it does give a very easy to manage, large, non-volatile memory. The eMMC can be utilized for secondary boot and user storage. PicoZed Rev C and earlier have 4 GB, while PicoZed Rev D will have 8 GB.