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Need pre-build FPGA bit file

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Need pre-build FPGA bit file

I'm doing RF related project on picozed evaluation board.
Using below link i could compile AD9361 RF Non-OS driver source code;
I am very new to FPGA, so feeling lot of difficulties to generate HDL from below link;
I request you to send pre-build bit file for above board. So that i can test my software binary and atleast i can read product ID of the device through SPI.
Waiting for your prompt reply
Thanks and regards,

Hi Suzz

Hi Suzz

You can download a PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V1 Vivado hardware design in our reference design section

specifically the "Tutorial 01-04 Solutions" section, match your Vivado/PicoZed version to your setup. Then you will need to add either a PS or a PL SPI controller. Unfortunatly we do not have a PicoZed design that contains a SPI controller. We have an example of implementing a SPI controller for our MicroZed IIOT kit that you could reference in implementing your SPI controller in your design.


Hello Suzz,

Hello Suzz,

If you want to get started using PicoZed SDR without using Xilinx Vivado, your best bet is use the SD card boot image.


If you want to rebuild the Vivado project and generate a bitstream, it's even easier now. See this forum post:


The PicoZed SDR Getting Started Guide has all of this info.






All the needed files are here

All the needed files are here - as I checked them for usability. Last year, I uploaded them to the directory and they are still ok. Perhaps, they can be helpful.