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No FMC pin signals via FMC CC Gen2

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No FMC pin signals via FMC CC Gen2

I'm having some debugging issues in testing my bit-bang SPI signals coming out through the FMC and am hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction to debug this.
I currently have my Vivado hardware set up to use the AXI GPIO as well as the GPIO via PS7 (EMIO). The PS7 GPIO is configured to route out SPI signals (SS/SCLK/MOSI) through the JB PL PMOD connection (bit-bang). I tested it - it works.
For the AXI-GPIO, I've also written up a bit-bang SPI code and it works - routed out to the JA PL PMOD connector. Tested and it works.
Seeing that the software side of things is working, I then reconfigured the AXI-GPIO IP to send the signals through the FMC (G12/G13/G15) pins (ie Picozed 7030: C1/D1/F7), However, I'm not able to measure any signals coming out of the FMC pins. The constraints were planned: LVCMOS 18, 1.8V, Drive Strength 16, FP_VTT_50.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

Hello R,

Hello R,

Could you please share your constraints?

Just copy and paste them please.