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OpenAMP on MicroZed using Xilinx 16.2 tools?

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OpenAMP on MicroZed using Xilinx 16.2 tools?

I want to run a Linux/FreeRTOS OpenAMP application on a MicroZed board, using Vivado 16.2. I've made a great deal of progress, but appear to be missing something. This is my rough plan:

  1. Install Vivado 16.2 and PetaLinux 16.2
  2. Install MicroZed BSP for Vivado 16.2 from
  3. Get familiar with Vivado (it's been 8 years since my last foray into Xilinx!) and MicroZed
  4. Using UG1144 as a guide, build and boot a PetaLinux Linux image
  5. Using UG1186 as a guide, build and run the OpenAMP Echo test app
  6. Start my app development

I've gotten through the first four steps, but in UG1186 (see, I run into a roadblock.  I am trying to follow the procedure in "Chapter 3. Building and Running a Linux Project with Applications", with the goal of running echo_test.  However, when I get to step 6 on page 16, the OpenAMP applications are not shown when I run "petalinux-config -c rootfs"!
I have found two clues as to what I may be missing.

  1. The note in step 6 states that "These options are only available in the PetaLinux reference BSP".
  2. Step 1 on page 14 is this: "petalinux-create -t project -s <PATH_TO_PETALINUX_ZYNQMP_PROJECT_BSP>". I used the "PetaLinux 2016.2 Compressed BSP, z7010" BSP that I got from MicroZed (see for the BSP.

So I am wondering if the MicroZed BSP does not include OpenAMP, or is there another that I should be using? Also, I cannot find any OpenAMP downloads on the Xilinx website, regardless of version; where do I get the OpenAMP framework?
My guess is that the MicroZed BSP does not include OpenAMP in it.  If this is true, where (link, please!) can I get the framework, and how do I "install" it?
Thanks in advance!

OpenAMP files

Downlode Petalinux BSP v2016.2 for zc706 board, unpack it (use, for example,  7z archiver) or create Petalinux project for zc706 and find all the necessary files. But don't use image_echo_test, it's for zc706 only. For MicroZed board you must build cpu1 image yourself.

So close - thanks!  But

So close - thanks!  But download from where?  Xilinx?