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PCB files for MMP BaseBoard and power module boards

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PCB files for MMP BaseBoard and power module boards

I am creating my own baseboard for the MMP module for a mobile platform I am designing. I was wondering if I could get the PCB files (Altium, OrCad, ...) for the Baseboard II and Panasonic Power Module (AES-POM-PAN2).

From other posts I see they should be available but I have to contact my local FAE. I have tried contacting my local office. I have been through three different people and three different numbers. I am waiting for a call back, after 6 hours I am getting no where.

Hello James,

Hello James,
We will generally share the Altium design files for the BaseBoard II and other 'carrier board' files, but do prefer to have you work with your local FAE. Not sure about the Panasonic Power Module, the FAE will have to check on that.
FAE's are often on the road, visiting customers, training, etc. so sometimes it can take a business day or so to get a response.
Please contact me directly, via private message, if you do not get a response soon or if you need to determine who to talk to. It that case I would need to know your company and location information.