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petalinux-config Xfce

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petalinux-config Xfce

I have used Petalinux v2018.2 with the Ultra96 BSP, and ended with the default Matchbox instead of Enlightenment of the demo image. It seems Enlightenment is blacklisted in the last openembedded release, so I would like to use Xfce instead, anyway I prefer to use something based on Qt or GTK.
The x-window-manager and x-session-manager recipes have several providers: mini-x-session, matchbox and xfce with various priorities.
In my last build attempt I had both matchbox and xfce, with mixed linux x configuration files. Before trying to configure in the target OS, I would like to configure petalinux.
What is the best way to specify the priority of Xfce ? edit openembedded or meta-xilinx files, or create meta-user or local.conf files, or is it possible to do that in petalinux-config ?

Hello @raiatea,

Hello @raiatea,

Did you have any luck with Xfce? I have not heard of anyone who has done this yet, but I am interested to hear your results. Is there a reason why you do not prefer Matchbox?