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PetaLinux > header file update treatment

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PetaLinux > header file update treatment

I am developing software for Microzed using PetaLinux V2014.2.

This is not a question, but some information for people working using PetaLinux who visit this site.

I found some behavior of petalinux-build for application development.

I have following files.
- myapp.c
- myapp.h

When I change myapp.h, and build the rootfs/myapp, it seems that the change in myapp.h is not treated in the build process. Only if I update myapp.c also, the build process treats the change in myapp.h.

So, when you update header file (e.g. myapp.h), it is better to update myapp.c also (e.g. by touch command etc), to make the petalinux-build take change in the header file.