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Petalinux support directory

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Petalinux support directory

I am doing the Petalinux training "PetaLinux for the Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC" and in the pdf documentations it refers to a support directory "~/Speedway/petalinux/labs/" where I should file some source files I would use in the training but I cant find it anywhere , when I download the labs I only get PDFs and slides

anyone can help?

RE: Petalinux support directory

Hi Oggo,

This training is adapted from a live training series that we ran back in 2013. Since it was rather popular with our customers at the time, we decided to make the information publicly available for free. This PetaLinux course required the use of a USB thumb drive containing a LiveUSB Ubuntu install along with the lab files you are referring to.

If you wish to complete these hands on labs, there are still a few of these USB drives available for purchase from Avnet. You can find this part by searching for the part AES-ZYNQ-LX on the Avnet storefront site.



I am running through the same

I am running through the same issue. I currently have the AES-ZYNQ-LX USB drive with live Ubuntu, however there are no documentation on it. For example, I cannot log into the live USB provided. What is the login and password information that I should use?
~ Lloyd

It turns out that the login

It turns out that the login information can be found in the Course Agenda PDF. It is petalinux/petalinux