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PicoZed 2014.2 board definition files and schematics

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PicoZed 2014.2 board definition files and schematics


I recently aquired a PicoZed FMC Carrier V2 with two SOMs, the PicoZed 7015CLG485 and 7030SBG485.

The problem is I am using Vivado 14.2 and the earliest versions of the board files I could find was for Vivado 15.1 isn't there any board files for those products for earlier versions of Vivado or do I have to manually edit the board files?

Another issue is the schematics, My SOMs have "RevC05" printed on them, the latest version of the schematics I did find was revC04. Can anyone guide me for the correct schematics for my SOMs?

Hi there,

Hi there,

The V2 carrier card did not exist at that time, if you cannot upgrade to a later version of Vivado, you will need to create your own BDF. You can certainly use the existing BDF files as examples. I would suggest looking at the earliest version you can find as the later versions have a structure change due to changes in Vivado.

You can also just forgo the BDF and place only the things of interest. You will need to manually configure the PS, however, that is also an option for you.

Rev C05 was a BOM change, the Rev 04 schematic should be adequate for you.