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PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V1 SMA Connector issue

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PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V1 SMA Connector issue

Hello all,

I wanted to make you aware of an errata change to the Version 1 of the PicoZed FMC Carrier Card.

If your serial number is between 1450530‐1450629 there is a possibility that you have the wrong connectors installed for the SMA transceiver path.  

We are providing three options to assit with this issue.

  • If you are not working with the transceivers, these connectors are not used, no action required
  • Use the connectors as‐is with an SMB cable.
  • Return the board to Avnet for connector replacement.

You can find the entire errata located

under Hardware Guides.  Search for "PicoZed FMC Carrier Card Rev C Errata"


Hello all,

Hello all,

For reference, here is an example of this mispopulated SMA Connectors.