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PICOZED: how to create picozed linux bootimage for QSPI

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PICOZED: how to create picozed linux bootimage for QSPI

Hi at all.
I need to know if is possible to download a linux image for PICOZED with 7030, really minimal image.
I created a project in 2018.1 VIVADO, where I put just only ZYNQ DEFAULT, with UART0 flagged, all BANKS at 1.8V (my HW where i put PICOZED board run at 1.8V) .
I have to run linux base with only these HW resources, no more things.
For some reasons I can't use SD card because doesn't run at the moment.

In QSPI I can create correctly standalone bootimage and all resources (no SD) run, in stand alone solution.

My question is: is it available a linux DD image to put it inside QSPI an try something in linux by teraterm on UART 0 ? 

I'm not a linux expert, sorry, and I have some difficults to resolve this situation .
I found  this lab, MicroZed_Open_Source_Linux_QSPI_Image_14_5_01-Tutorial: there is something similar for PICOZED 2018.1 vivado ?
Thanks at all for help me

RE: PICOZED: how to create picozed linux bootimage for QSPI

Hi Ferraro,

I think I understand what you want to be able to do is to boot your PicoZed from QSPI flash and load Linux from QSPI flash. We have a document that covers the strategy behind this approach. Although it is written for an older version of the tools, the principals are the same. Check out "Booting PicoZed Using QSPI and eMMC v3.0 (2015.2.1)" document on this page:

It also shows how to move the bitstream from QSPI to eMMC (which is necessary for 7030 devices due to the size of the bitstream file) in the section titled "Moving the Bitstream to eMMC".

A lot of this stuff used to be manually done to create a BSP but it is automated in the latest petalinux repo where we have bash scripts to build a BSP automatically using 2017.4 tools:

You don't have to use these of course, but they could be useful to you as a reference.

Best Regards,