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PicoZed Preset file loading error in Vivado 2015.4

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PicoZed Preset file loading error in Vivado 2015.4

When I try to load the available Preset file for PicoZed 7010, I have an error message "Not Valid Preset".
I use Vivado 2015.4 and the available preset file in the download section is  "PicoZed_Zynq_PS_Preset_for_Vivado_2014_4(TCL)".
Can this preset file work on Vivado 2015.4? Any idea why I have an error?
Thank you for any help.

Hello David,

Hello David,

I was able to build a design targeting the 7010 in Vivado 2015.4 using the available PicoZed Preset with no issues.

Make sure that you follow the instructions in the comment section of the TCL file and select a 7010 CLG400 device to start your Vivado Design.


Hello Gary,

Hello Gary,
Sorry for my late answer, and thank you for your help. I was indeed not following the comment section of the TCL file, which works.
I got the issue by trying to load the Presets through the GUI. When I edit the ZYNQ7 Processing System IP, there's a menu "Presets->Apply" to load Presets in TCL format. I should have paid more attention the comments of the script!
By the way, these PicoZed Presets does not properly affect MIO7 pin to USB0_RESET command.