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PS PCIe DMA with Ultrazed/PCIe carrier

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PS PCIe DMA with Ultrazed/PCIe carrier

Long title, but I'm planning to try the PS-side PCIe DMA with the Ultrazed and the UltraZed PCIe Carrier Card

Was going to use the xilinx kernel @ for the x86_64 root complex. Presumably I'd need the other side of this for the Ultrazed if there isn't a reference design around.

Is this hooked up in the out-of-box (or some other)design? I don't see any documentation or project for the OOB build in the provided zip, just the binaries.

Has this been tested with the Ultrazed? Are there any reference designs to play with?



All the reference designs available for UltraZed are located here

There you will see some PetaLinux BSPs you can use. Included in them are the vivado project for your viewing.