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Pulsar Linux desktop mode on PicoZed

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Pulsar Linux desktop mode on PicoZed

I'm wondering if Pulsar Linux 8 desktop mode for PicoZed isn't implemented or if somebody has got it up running somehow? Our goal was to link PicoZed devices in a network and get VNC up running to be able to run our custom desktop applications, but I'm starting to fear it's not ready for that yet. We want the broadest linux ("most PC like") to be able have cross-platform code for our normal PC:s and  these PicoZed devices, and Pulsar Linux seems to be that one.
The HDMI doesn't seem to be officially implemented yet (atleast for Pulsar Linux 7, which i believe this post is about):
And also according to this pdf it seems be supported for the Mini-ITX board only:
I've also tried building Pulsar Linux (wr-core) with desktop mode. On Pulsar 7 the build worked but when running "startx" it failed with the normal No screen. But I got my hopes up to be able to get VNC running even if I couldn't get the HDMI port to work, but then I found Pulsar 8 was out, and there I couldn't even build the (cube-desktop), just the server mode. Also I found building instructions on this page hinting (or just an example?) it maybe isn't supported on the PicoZed (Zynq):
If it's too much of a hack to get it started we will probably look for another solution as we want it stable, but the question is if I'm just doing something wrong when bitbaking with "cube-desktop" or if it's not even implemented for PicoZed (yet), or any other good suggestions for achiving a VNC-like environment for that matter?

Pulsar 8 for PicoZed

Hi Freddos,

  You are jumping to Pulsar 8 a little ahead of us, even though you correctly note that Wind River has published the source under the Open Source Labs site.  As of right now, I have only tried building for MicroZed, which was successful, but not for the other platforms.  We are not planning to have certified images until the October timeframe.  Under Pulsar 7, we have only the command line implemented, and not the full desktop interface.

However, what you are doing is similar to an internal project we have been looking at, so let me check with some back channels into Wind River and see what I can find out about desktop support in Pulsar 8.   I'll report back here when I get some more information.


Any news

Winter is coming! Just checking if there are any news regarding Pulsar 8 desktop mode?
On your suggestion Ron, we are now running Pulsar 7, but would hope to be able to plan a Pulsar 8 Desktop mode upgrade in the near future.