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PZ 7030I Build Issue Affects Ethernet Reset

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PZ 7030I Build Issue Affects Ethernet Reset

Please be aware that we are investigating an issue with a recent build of PicoZed 7030 Industrial SOMs. We believe that our CM mistakenly populated two sites with values that had previously been changed on previous BOMs. The affected boards are:


Revision C04

P/N BD-Z7PZP-7Z030I-G 

Unit Serial are: from 1428858 to 1429007

One component affected is C194, which is populated as 100uF when it should be 0.1uF. This has the undesired affect of delaying the Ethernet Reset for 15-20 seconds, after which the Ethernet operates correctly.
The other component affected is R75, which is populated as 240 ohms when it should be 4.99K-ohm. This does not affect the functionality of the board.
If you have received boards in this serial number range, please contact your Avnet representative. We are looking at options to either fix the returned boards or send correct components if it is easier for you to replace these two components locally.
We apologize for this problem.