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Repair of fpga board

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Repair of fpga board

Hello sir, i m working as a scientist in india government. I m a electronics engineer. I need to repair my lx9 microboard fpga. It is not getting power up on connecting any of two usb cables. I kept it in high voltage environment, in 100kV range. It was controlling Spellman's high voltage module through rs232 interface. Suddenly its power is not working. May b due to emi noise or conducted noise frm power supply.

I need to get it repaired, so pls help me.
Abhishek singh

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Hello Abhishek,

Hello Abhishek,

Please contact whom ever you purchased the board from. However my suggestion would be that it would be less expensive for you to purchase a new LX9 Microboard than it would be to send your Microboard to a design house to be diagnosed and reworked.