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Restore QSPI Flash

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Restore QSPI Flash

I am trying to restore the MiniZed qspi flash to the shipped linux version using the provided flash_only_boot_7007S.bin and using the following command, 'exec program_flash -f flash_only_boot_7007S.bin -flash_type qspi_single'.
But programming is unsuccessful and returns with the error, 'ERROR: Please specify a valid FSBL file for the flash type: qspi_single'
How should I go about resolving the issue? Thanks.

Will you please confirm that

Will you please confirm that you are using the instructions and archive posted at Then I will have our developer look at this.



Restore QSPI and eMMC Factory Images


I am from the included

I am from the included document. Specifically pages 10 and 11 with no avail.

XSCT version

The command you mention above (from the document) seems correct.  I just pasted it into my XSCT command line and it works.
I don't know where the FSBL error comes from, but my suggestion would be:
If you do 'dir', is the flash_only_boot_7007S.bin file in the current directory?
Are you using 2017.1 or later for XSCT?
Have you used the JTAG interface for MiniZed before?  In other words, do you know that your JTAG interface and driver works or not yet?

I was able to program the

I was able to program the qspi flash using 2017.2 and the command I mentioned above and in the document. Previously, I was unsuccessfully using 2017.3.

Programming MiniZed with XSCT 2017.3

Gabriel, you are correct and others have also discovered this.
It seems that 2017.3 expects the FSBL to be specified when programming.  And you will need the zynq_fsbl.elf file in your programming directory to do this.  This file is in the /images/linux directory of the BSP-imported project  under Linux.  If you have that file (or one you created during the tutorials), you can use
exec program_flash -f flash_only_boot_7007S.bin -fsbl zynq_fsbl.elf -flash_type qspi_single