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rev.d boot from SD

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rev.d boot from SD


having problems booting a bare metal app from SD.
its working on debug via JTAG and worked on rev.c via SD.

the main tool is EDK 14.4

any ideas?

The main difference between

The main difference between the rev. C ZedBoard and the rev. D ZedBoard is that the rev. C board has a pre-production (ES silicon) Zynq device while the rev. D board has a production Zynq device. EDK versions prior to 14.4 (with Device Pack) did not support Zynq production silicon. There were also changes in how the FSBL code initializes the Zynq PS as the production silicon handles bringing the PL out of reset differently:
If possible generate a new FSBL/bootable image with EDK 14.4 (with device pack) or newer tools and target the rev D ZedBoard.