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Run-Time Reconfiguration on ZedBoard

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Run-Time Reconfiguration on ZedBoard

Hi everybody,
I'm working with a ZedBoard and my goal is to set up a run-time reconfigurable platform. I need a processor with some reconfigurable accelerator on its side.
I'm new to this platform and Xilinx tools, so I'm asking your help about important points:

-it's easier to use the included ARM dual-core processor or to use a MicroBlaze soft-processor to set-up a reconfigurable architecture?

-I found lots of guides and documentation by Xilinx and ZedBoard, but what is the workflow you suggest me to start working on this new platform?

-do you know any step by step tutorial to start working using the tipical Xilinx workflow on a ZedBoard?

Thanks in advanace!

Hi Emilio,

Hi Emilio,

The best place to start is probably with Xilinx UG947( Xilinx UG909 ( will also be good for reference and XAPP1159 ( or XAPP1231 ( describe using partial reconfiguration in Zynq and with Linux for a video-based design. This webpage ( is also a good portal for all things related to partial reconfiguration in Xilinx devices.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for you answer!

Thanks for you answer!
I agree with your suggestion, I'm studying the documents you linked and I'll try to follow step by step the tutorial, trying to understand each command.
I'm still confused about two things:

-if use the embedded ARM cores or not (using the programmable logic only)

-how to use the SDK to develop applications capable to take advantage of the reconfigurable modules

Thanks again, every other suggestion will be welcome.


I followed a tutorial to create an HW accelerator for the PL in order to work together with the ARM PS.
I used the following work-flow:

-->c simulation
-->c synthesis
-->c/rtl co-simulation
-->export ip

-->create block design
-->generate output file
-->generate hdl wrapper
-->generate bitstream
-->export hardware
-->launch sdk

-->create bsp
-->create application

Now I have some questions:

- If I want to use the PCAP interface to partially reconfigure the PL run-time how have I to modify the work-flow?

- Have I to add some specific block in the block design to be able to use the PCAP?

Thanks in advance