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SDK Create Boot Image Adding External Data File?

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SDK Create Boot Image Adding External Data File?

Hi All,
Im using Create New Boot File tool of SDK. But I want to add some external .bin files. But I can add as a partiton "datafile" but What are the exact memory addresses of these files. How will I be able to access in code to these files. Or is there any way of putting data to flash? I don't prefer to use SD Card. So I want to make operations over .bin files in Flash Memory.
Thanks for all.
Ozan S.

Hi Ozan,

Hi Ozan,

You can create a flash image using the same "Create Boot Image" tool. All you need to do is change the Output format to MCS and then create image. After you create the QSPI Flash Image set up your hardware in JTAG Boot. Now in SDK go Xilinx Tools --> Program Flash. Browse to the .MCS image file you just created and then click program. Now your flash should be programmed, switch from JTAG to QSPI flash and you should be set!