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Software development for petalinux on MicroZed

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Software development for petalinux on MicroZed

Hello All,
I am developing applications for Microzed board with Petalinux image flashed. Currently I am just using gcc in my linux machine but finding it very touigh to fix issues (for which I have to re-build, package, reflash the new OS on the board: which is time consuming and tedious).
I would like to know what are the good ways to debug applications and develop them? If there are any easier approaches, please let me know.
Thanks in advance,

RE: Software development for petalinux on MicroZed

Hi yathindra,

It is a good question, rebuilding PetaLinux each time you make a user space application change can be time consuming. There is a better way.

As long as you have Ethernet working between your development PC and MicroZed, plus Dropbear SSH and SFTP service enabled, you can perform remote launch and debugging from SDK. This is to say, you can do your application development and debugging within SDK and target the PetaLinux OS already running on the OS to download and test your application.

This is an older tutorial, but it should give you an idea on what needs to be setup within SDK to perform remote debugging:

Once you have your application fully developed, you can migrate it over to your PetaLinux project and build using gcc as you do today.

We follow this method for application development on our end and it works out pretty well once you get the hang of it.