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SSH into Zedboard

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SSH into Zedboard

Hey I'm brand new to the zedboard but have some experience with linux.

I am running into trouble connecting via ssh from my laptop to the zedboard. However, I can successfully ssh from the zedboard to my laptop. Can anyone shed some light on how to solve this?

Hello Justin,

Hello Justin,
You don't mention what version of Linux you are running on your ZedBoard or what OS you are running on your host PC. If the host PC is Windows you might have firewall issues. In any case this really looks like a Linux or ssh issue rather than one specific to the ZedBoard. Here are a couple of links that might be helpful, but a better forum for this question might be the Xilinx Embedded LInux Community forum:
Here are a couple of links that might be interesting:
If any other forum members recognize the issue please respond. Otherwise let us know what you find out.


If you are using PetaLinux 2015.2 or later, there is an installer for a 3rd party product called Weaved that allows you to do SSH connections to your board (and other TCP protocols as well) from anywhere.  It's easy to install and try out.