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Is there any way to subscribe to forums via email?

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Is there any way to subscribe to forums via email?

I find it much easier to keep in touch with a community by reading and responding to emails using my email reader (with which I am quite familiar) rather than having to use (slightly different, every time) web based interfaces to forums.

Is there any way to subscribe to the ZED based forums via email? I believe I would have a much better chance to say, "Yes, I had that same problem, here is how I fixed it ..." in response to an email than I would if I had to scan a web page for new messages every day/hour.

I invite others who see this forum topic to respond with "yeah, me too" or "no, I LOVE forums because I can ..." (that way I might learn to love them too).


(Yes, I (now) know about the "subscribe" checkbox for individual forum topics, but I don't see a similar capability for learning about new topics).


There was an option for that

There was an option for that when I first joined this site about a year ago. At that time, I was receiving the forum messages via email. There were options in the account settings to specify how to receive the messages. I seem to remember that the site was redesigned since then.

Subscrive via RSS feed

Your personal profile has an option as to whether you receive an email when someone tries to send you a private message, but not for the forums. However, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the forums. Go to the main forum page and click on the orange icon in the upper right. This gives me the option to subscribe via Microsoft Outlook or I can specify.
This will inform you of the new topics. If you want to continue to follow a topic's replies, then you must subscribe to that topic.