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Transfer data from PL to memory

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Transfer data from PL to memory

Hello all,
A very warm greetings to all!
I am working on a design in which PL generates packets of data, each is of 128 bits length. These packets are generated at random and  I want to store these packets at some place so as to access it later for further processing. I can use PS in a polling mode to look for the data packets, but in doing so few packets are lost by the time I reach and store them using PS. Due to this I want to have some logic in the PL with which the PL can directly store the packets in some memory. 
I am using Zedboard, so the options to me are I can store these packets in DDR3 memory. I haven't used DDR3 in PL till now.
My question is how can I store these packets in memory? I also heard of FIFO memories. Which one will be the best to use in my case? Any link or user guide will be very much helpful for me.

Thank you all in advance!


It looks like you got a bit

It looks like you got a bit of information from the Xilinx forum:


You could also take a look at Avnet's Zynq Software and Hardware Development courses.



tiby thomas
sending data from PL of Microzed through ethernet in vivado

I am working on a project where i need to send data from MicroZed through an ethernet cable. can anyone guide me with the steps of taking data and sending it through a ethernet cable and also sample program for the same?
Thanks in advance.

What sort of data?  Where is

What sort of data?  Where is it being sent over Ethernet?  How much data are you sending?

There are probably lots of ways to achieve what you need depending on answers to these questions.