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Trouble programming Ultra96

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Trouble programming Ultra96

I am having trouble programming my Ultra96 board. I created a bare metal  application that contains a PL BIT stream and a bare metal code that runs on the PS. Using Xilinx SDK launched from Vivado 2018.2 I am able to program the FPGA successfully.  Unfortunately, when I attempt to program the PS via the SDK the transferring of the program to the PS  never completes - 99%.
Here is the last output from the SDK Log:
Sourcing of 'F:/Avnet/Ultra96/XADC_A/XADC_A.sdk/XADC_A_wrapper_hw_platform_0/psu_init.tcl' is done.
I am using the USB dongle purchased from Avnet.  Any suggestions?  
Thanks in advance.

If you follow the

If you follow the instructions in Tutorial 2 for Hello World, does the download complete?

I suspect the problem is with how you have the Target Setup in the Run Configurations. If you use the default, then it is going to attempt to run the PL Powerup, psu_init, and maybe a system-wide reset. Please check what the 7 checkboxes are set to under Target Setup.


Thanks Bryan,

Thanks Bryan,
After repeating the setup steps referenced in Tutorial 2 : Hello World  I was able to run my project without experiencing the psu_init hang. After the initial run of the project I went into the Run Configurations Tab and deselected all checkboxes.  Since unchecking all boxes I am able to successfully perform repeat runs of the project.
Once again thanks for the fast and informitive reply.