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tutorial for FMCOMMS3 and linux w/ Microzed

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tutorial for FMCOMMS3 and linux w/ Microzed


I've just started working with FMCOMMS3, Microzed and embedded linux.

On the HW side, I'm trying to port the reference design from Zedboard to Microzed.

On the SW side, I am able to boot linux on Zynq, but I have no idea about how to interact with the RF board. I know there is an oscilloscope design, but that doesn't fit my needs; what I'd like to do is simpler: configure ADC and DAC, transmit samples taken from file and receive samples and store them to a file.

Where can I find a tutorial to guide me through this?



RE: tutorial for FMCOMMS3 and linux w/ Microzed

Hi suppamax,

I think the best place to start is with getting the oscilloscope design to work first. There is a lot of capability built into that application which will help you adjust the AD9361 setting in order to tune it to your application.

From that point, when you are ready to move everything over to your own application you can use the source code for the IIOScope application as an example of how to initialize the datastream and configure the agile transceiver.

There is a ton of information on the ADI wiki on how to use their Linux drivers to access the AD9361: