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tutorials for Ultra96 board

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tutorials for Ultra96 board

I am afraid that there are not enough information about the usage of ULTRA96 under SDSOC. Will you be hurry to prepare tutorials below?
0.exmaple for 'hello world' through UART. (Including the version of software, version of the ULTRA96board,if any, and download location.)
1.example for GPIO assembling like LED blinking.
(How to assign gpio ports in vivado and how to recognize them under SDSOC)
2.example for I2C communication under SDSOC environment.
3.example for SPI communication.
(usage of SPI interface equipped with arm core, and usage of user-configured module inside of the FPGA resources.)
4.example for USB3 upstream and down stream.
5.example for matrix calculation and acceleration with FPGA.
(There is a series of tutorials about SDSOC in yutube
but for beginners it is difficult to apply them to their own platforms.
So, It is very helpful to remake the above tutorials based on Ultra96 and announce them as soon as possible.
Thank you for your kind considerations.

PS tutorials for Ultra96 board

Dear Moderator,
While I read through the forum for Ultra96 developing board, my naïve questions will be sorted out as follows:
Category1: Step by step tutorials under PetaLinux BSP for Ultra96 with the emphasis on the usage of peripherals.
Read and Write sequence of peripherals such as GPIO, I2C, SPI, USB3 upstream and downstream , HMDI and SD Memory Card.
We also need comment lines for the usage of IO functions about arguments, and location of manuals.
May I have a tutorial including IO ports such as USB3, read matrix data from USB3 memory, make some matrix calculation, and send the result to
a host computer (downstream)?
(relatead with Board Definition file bug and Ultra96 Accessories by Bran, USB 3.0 peripherals By jbattles)
SDSoC Speedway for Ultra96 including the handling of IO ports such as GPIO, I2C, SPI, USB3 upstream and downstream ,
HMDI and SD Memory Card.
Tutorials of read data from GPIO and data out to SPI port, for example, will be very helpful.
As for the Speedway for miniZED, we could not find how to access IO ports under SDSOC, though, we could use them under VIVADO and SDK,
where functions with suffix .h are generated automatically.
Where are include files with suffix .h under SDSOC? Are they embedded somewhere?
(SDSoC support by bkzshabbaz, SDSoC Speedway by zedman2000)
Optimization of user written source code.
Suppose a user written source program under Linux is functional, I imagine that SDSOC can optimize it further.
If so, I expect that initial code for data transfer and matrix calculation which I asked
as the category 1 will be optimized under SDSoc environment using direct memory access and parallel arithmetic modules in the FPGA resources.
Thank you very much for your kind help,