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U-Boot.bin single file works or not

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U-Boot.bin single file works or not

I am generated U-Boot.bin file through ELDK.With out fsbl and system.bit this will works or not. In my SD Card only U-Boot.bin file i am putted but it's not working. It is Mandatory or not sir.
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No, this will not work.


  The FSBL is required to initialize the PS in the Zynq device.  It is called by the BOOTROM that is stored inside the SoC.   After the FSBL runs, you can optionally have it load a bitfile to load the programmable logic, but you can execute the PS without that.  The last thing the FSBL does is pass control to another application.  In your case, this would be u-boot, but it could be any application compiled for the ARM7 cores in the Zynq.   I don't know what format u-boot.bin is created in from the ELDK, but the executable must be cross-compiled to create an ELF format file compatible with the target processor.  Once you have the required components (FSBL, optional bitfile, application), you can use the Xilinx SDK to generated a boot.bin file, and that is what you place on the SD card.

You can find a compatible u-boot.elf file in the BSP for your target board.  If it is an Avnet board, those are available on this site.