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UltraZed 3EG Starter Kit - Display Port Design 2017.2_FAILED: to open display

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UltraZed 3EG Starter Kit - Display Port Design 2017.2_FAILED: to open display

Hello everybody,
I own the "UltraZed-EG Starter Kit" (Black) (XILINX ZYNQ UltraScale+ XCZU3EGTM-SFVA625AAZ + UltraZed-EG IO Carrier Card: Rev 1-01-05).
Now I tried to run the UltraZed EG DisplayPort Reference Design Tutorial "UltraZed 3EG Starter Kit - Display Port Design 2017.2" from "". I followed the instructions in the tutorial to boot the pre-built design.
On the first try, I connected the board to the DELL E2210 via a DisplayPort DVI-D adapter. On the second try, I connected the board to the DELL P2414H directly via the DisplayPort. Both times I got the error message "FAILED: to open display".
Here is the booting sequence when I start the board:
Here is what the Xorg.0.log file contains:
Here is what the xorg.conf file contains:
The fb.modes file was empty when I opened it the first time except comments at the beginning. I wrote something in the file, but I do not know if it was all right and it did not work. When I restarted the board after a few days, the content was gone. The days before I saved the file. I can not explain it.
Has anyone had the same problem that the screen was not recognized?
Does that have something to do with the combination of screen model and the board? Is a connection to the internet necessary for the demo to work?

What can I do to solve the problem? I hope I have provided all relevant informations.
I would be very grateful for your help!
Best regards

1) Yes, I'm quite sure we've

1) Yes, I'm quite sure we've had the same problem (although we've seen so many errors I can't remember for sure!).  The system is unfortunately quite picky about which monitors it will work with.  In fact, we've had monitors that work just fine with our ZCU102 board (from Xilinx) and fail on the UltraZed.
2) No, you don't need an internet connection.  Having the network plugged in will make it boot a few seconds faster, but that's all.
3) What can you do?  Start by running the pre-built SD card image, and see if there's any difference.  Even if you don't get a display, you should be able to read the EDID of the monitor by running 'cat /sys/class/drm/card0-DP-1/edid'.
4) fb.modes disappearing: Yes, unless you've configured things differently, the filesystem is in a ramdisk that is initialized when the system boots up.  Any changes you make will disappear when you power off the device.

Another thing...

Oh, I was also just reminded that there are possibly some jumpers you need to set (or remove):