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UltraZed Board : Cannot Debug Linux Application

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UltraZed Board : Cannot Debug Linux Application

I got an ultrazed board.  The provided Linux seems to lack any debugging capability with the SDK.
I noticed that with the original zed board  the following was running on startup (top command in linux):
/usr/sbin/tcf-agent -d -L- -l0
But this is not present in the supplied ultrazed linux.  Is there any built in way to debug from the SDK with this build or do I have to recompile the kernel to debug anything.
This is a big deal for me who is just starting out trying to use the board.  I have no experience and no set up to do kernel development.

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RE: UltraZed Board : Cannot Debug Linux Application

Hi docjay,

IIRC, tcf-agaent was removed from the 2016.2 out-of-box image to help decrease boot time to login prompt.

So you will have to build you own image with tcf-agent but they can start with the 2017.2 BSP which should help save some time:

You can use that with the Xilinx PetaLinux tools to create a new project based upon the BSP settings and add

$ petalinux-config -c rootfs

In fact, @narrucmot just pointed out tcf-agent should already be in the pre-built images that come with the 2017.2 BSP so you might not have to re-build after all:

# tcf-agent
# CONFIG_tcf-agent-dev is not set
# CONFIG_tcf-agent-dbg is not set

Best Regards,


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Confirmed that the 2017.2 BSP Can Debug

Yes, that works.  The 2017.2 BSP includes the TCF agent and will support debugging.  Thanks.