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Unresolved inclusion: "xparameters.h"

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Unresolved inclusion: "xparameters.h"

I have error messages "Unresolved inclusion: xparameters.h" in xsdk.

vivado and xsdk are v2014.4

Followings are what I did:
0. Export hdf from vivado (including bitstream)
1. Launch xsdk
2. File -> New -> BSP (standalone_bsp_0)

Then, when I see the xgpiops_sinit.c file
( standalone_bsp_0/ps7_cortexa9_0/libsrc/gpiops_v2_2/src/xgpiops_sinit.c )
the xsdk says
"Unresolved inclusion: xparameters.h"
for #include "xparameters.h"

However, the xparameters.h does exist as

And the xparameters.h is included as the BSP in xsdk.

Where should I check to avoid this error?

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Hi, not sure why this is

Hi, not sure why this is happening, but I usually generate the BSP along with whatever application I'm building, so perhaps I just don't see it in that flow.   In any event, I don't see why your flow shouldn't work.
To correct the problem, follow these steps:
1. Right-click on the standalone_bsp_0 project and select Properties from the bottom of the drop-down list.
2. Select C/C++ Include Paths (on left).
3. Click the Add Include Path from Workspace button.
4. Select the path standalone_bsp_0/ps7_cortexa9_0/include and click the OK button.
5. Click the OK button to close the Properties panel.
The project should rebuild with the xparameters.h reference resolved.

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Thank you veru much.

Today, when I open the same project as yesterday, the errors has disappeared.
Anyway thank you for letting me know where I should check.
I was trying to add a driver we have made. During the procedure of adding the driver, I may have done something wrong. I will read more carefully tutorials.

'XPAR_INTC_0_USB_0_VEC_ID is not defined in xparameters.h

I am running the USB2.0  AXI tutorial on zed board . while launching SDK and adding the source file(s) for bulk_perform application, I am getting error 


'XPAR_INTC_0_USB_0_VEC_ID' undeclared (first use in this function) in xusb_storage.c

i also add the xparameters.h file in the code. while going through that code I found that 

#define 'XPAR_INTC_0_USB_0_VEC_ID is not defined in it.

so kindly let me know the proper solution for this.


this is the Error:

Description Resource Path Location Type

'XPAR_INTC_0_USB_0_VEC_ID' undeclared (first use in this function) xusb_storage.c /usb_mass_test/src line 103 C/C++ Problem


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Hello Manoj,

Hello Manoj,

What Tutorial are you refering to? I do not see a tutorial labeled USB2.0 AXI located in our reference device section.