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Use 2 XScuTimer at the same time

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Use 2 XScuTimer at the same time

Hi, all,
Is it possible to use 2 XScuTimers on ARM9 of Zedboard at the same time? I want to measure the total execution time of my whole application and the execution time of my function. I just wonder whether I can measure them at the same time using 2 scutimer.
Need some advice. Thanks.
Best regards,


It depends on how you set things up.

Each CPU is equipped with its own XScuTimer and XScuWdt (which can act just like the XScuTimer in timer mode). Each of these are local to the CPU it is operating on (that's why it's called a 'private' timer).

If you're running this application on 1 core, you only have 1 XScuTimer to deal with...

You could...

1) Use the XScuTimer to measure the execution time of the whole application and the XScuWdt (in timer mode) to measure the execution time of your function. NOTE: both of those timers are down counters.

2) Make use of the Global Timer (found in xtime_l.h), which is not only an up counter, but also 64 bits wide, meaning that it will not expire for the next 1759.6 years...

3) Use the triple timer counter (found in ttcps.h). You can configure it to count up or down. It will generate interrupts (or set bits if in polled mode) for intervals, 3 match values, and/or a counter overflow, all with 1 single counter register! However, it's only 16 bits.

Keep in mind that if you do use the global timer or the TTC, they are shared resources, and can be adjusted by the other core. I know that Linux makes use of the TTC, but I'm not sure about the global timer.

Also, the XScuTimer, XScuWdt, and TTC must be configured and started in software, which means you won't be able to measure the true execution time of your entire application; whereas the global timer will start automatically.