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UZED Starter kit IO voltage

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UZED Starter kit IO voltage


I have an ultra zed starter kit 'es-1', and for testing my design 'data injector' I need 20 PL IO @ 2.5 V.

A / Can I remove IO voltage translator and reprogramme IO Voltage in constraint editor
B / Disconnect pin 19 of IO voltage translator from starter kit 3.3 V and reconnect to external 2.5 V

Which is the better choice to have best IO data rate ?

Best regard

Hi there,

Hi there,

Can you tell me, is this an UltraZed-EV or UltraZed-EG?
If it is an -EG, which Carrier Card is this?

As a rule, you need to ensure that everything else tied to the voltage rail that you are changing is going to be able to handle that voltage change. You will also need to ensure that you are using an HR bank, which are the High RANGE banks. If you are using the HP banks, they are only compatible with 1.8V.

Some voltages are generated on the carrier and some on the SOM itself. So, you will need to identify the PINS and RAILS that you are interested in PRIOR to considering what action you wish to take.



Digilent PmodVLSHFT

Digilent has a voltage shifter PMOD that can do what you want without having to do hardware modifications.  It plugs into a PMOD socket and voltage shifts to a number of voltage standards. 
If this is a prototype, which is what it seems since you're using the IOCC, this might be your best bet.