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VGA support

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VGA support

I have purchased a zedboard Zync-7000 rev-D board along with Analog Devices AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ FMC Module.I want to know is there any seperate software/code is required for using VGA port of zedboard. I have tested the board using HDMI port and all tutorials are based on hdmi only. Also i am a beginner to Zynq device.Kindly suggest some material/books for learning how to use Zynq.

The best place to start as a

The best place to start as a new ZedBoard user is the Getting Started Guide (under Documentation) and the Concepts, Tools, Techniques tutorial under Tutorials.
I believe the VGA source code is available from Digilent --

thanks bryan.....could you

thanks bryan.....could you suggest some material for Zynq...

RE: VGA support

Hi ishansahu,

If you feel that you are a beginner to Zynq and want to get a better grasp of the basics of designing a system with Zynq, I strongly suggest our own "Introduction to Zynq" SpeedWay training course:

If you are new to Linux as well and would like to get a better understanding of some of the underlying concepts used in the Zynq SDR Kit reference design, I also suggest our "Implementing Linux on the Zynq-7000 SoC" SpeedWay training course:

If you are interested in the topic of SDR on Zynq, then I will also suggest our "Software Defined Radio on Zynq" SpeedWay training course:

Although the training material is well over 6 months old, many of the concepts still apply to designs that are started today. Each course comes with a set of hands-on labs which you can follow to develop your Zynq design skill-set.

We also have several reference designs and tutorials available, some of which may be interesting to you based upon your end application:

If you are looking for something even further in depth, Xilinx has a whole array of training programs available for Zynq as well:



thanks a lot for the reply

thanks a lot for the reply Kevin......i am looking for such tutorials...thanks once again