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Vivado 2016.2 Board Definition File for PicoZed?

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Vivado 2016.2 Board Definition File for PicoZed?

Is there a board definition file for the PicoZed 7015/PicoZed carrier available for Vivado 2016.2?  I don't see the PicoZed listed under "Boards" when I create a new project, and I don't see a downloadable definition file anywhere on unless I am missing it.  I am trying to put together the necessary stuff in Vivado to get the second Ethernet port on the carrier to work when running Linux on the PicoZed.

Hello Iroop,

Hello Iroop,

You can find the board definition file here:

Download and follow the directions to install the file "PicoZed Board Definition Install for Vivado 2015.3, 2015.4, 2016.2, 2016.3, 2016.4

Let me know if you still have troubles