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Vivado 2017.1 UltraZed ES1 License Installation

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Vivado 2017.1 UltraZed ES1 License Installation


As a part of ES1 license installation for the UltraZed-EG SOM, our QSC states creating an init.tcl file and placing it in the Vivado/2017.1/Scripts folder. Xilinx has changed the name of the file from init.tcl to Vivado_init.tcl file in 2017.1 release. So, please rename the tcl file name when using the Vivado 2017.1 release.


Vivado 2017.1 not seeing UltraZed Board Files

I very recently purchased an UltraZed-EG Starter Kit and have followed all the instructions regarding licenses, board files and .tcl scripts.
I still can't get Vivado 2017.1 to find the UltraZed Board Files. I've had a good look at previous posts and don't think I've missed anything.
OS: Windows 10
View License Status shows License Name: XCZU3EG-ES1_bitgen and xczu3eg-es1; Version Limit: 2018.05; Host IDs Match: Yes
D:\Vivado\2017.1\data\boards\board_files has the following board file directories
I've added a .tcl file into D:\Vivado\2017.1\scripts with the text enable_beta_device*
I've tried naming this file both vivado_init.tcl as well as init.tcl
The script file Type is showing as TCL File.
When I start a new project and select a new board, the only boards I can see are:
ZedBoard Zync...
Artix-7 AC7.01 ....
Kintex UltraScale+ KCU116..
ZYNQ-7 ZC702...

Update to Vivado 2017.1 not seeing Ultrazed Board Files

Hi Josh,
Didn't have much on this weekend so uninstalled 2017.1 and installed 2016.4 instead. Copied the exact same board files and init.tcl script as I'd used before to the same directories as before et voila, I can see all three of Avnet UltraZed-3EG board files. When I look at parts I can see xczu3eg ... -es1 and -EVAL parts listed. Previously with 2017.1 I couldn't see -es1 or -EVAL parts.
Best wishes,


it's not vivado_init.tcl but Vivado_init.tcl with a capital V. Its working now with Vivado 2017.1 under Ubuntu 16.04


Thanks Esben,
Can't believe I made such a simple mistake.
I've re-installed 2017.1, making sure to tick the check box to install Engineering Sample devices as per josephamos's comment.
Copied in the board files as before
Now named my file Vivado_init.tcl  grrr....
And I can see the UltraZed board files now when creating a new project.

I found that there are three

I found that there are three main things to check in this situation:
1) The 2017.1 installer is the first installer to NOT install Engineering Sample device files by default. You have to select this during the installation. If you did not (or are not sure) then you can select "Add Design Tools or Devices 2017.1" in the Xilinx folder in the Start menu and add them in. I think this was the part missing for you.
2) The license with the UltraZed voucher is really needed - the 30 day "full" evaluation license won't show you the XZUG3EG ES1 silicon in my experience (although I could see ES2 silicon for some devices). You did this.
3) As you stated, the Tcl command "enable_beta_device *" must be run at startup.

For what it's worth, the

For what it's worth, the filename "init.tcl" works fine for me on 2017.1
From the Tcl Console at startup:  Sourcing tcl script 'C:/Xilinx/Vivado/2016.4/scripts/init.tcl'

I did a copy/paste from the

I did a copy/paste from the wrong console window:
Sourcing tcl script 'C:/Xilinx/Vivado/2017.1/scripts/init.tcl'

However, in a Vivado 2017.1

However, in a Vivado 2017.1 Tcl Shell I also see this message:
Use of init.tcl [...] is deprecated.  Please use Vivado_init.tcl.