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Vivado cannot detect my Ultrazed using JTAG.

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Vivado cannot detect my Ultrazed using JTAG.

Hi there, 
    I am a new ultrazed beginner, and followed the tutorials provided by Avnet. Result was my vivado 2017.1 cannot detect the ultrazed using JTAG.
My OS is ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Vivado is 2017.1. The boot mode is set to 0x00(ON, ON, ON, ON) on SOM.
Then I tried install Vivado2017.02 on Windows7, the result is same, and Vivado2017.2 cannot detect the board as well.
I am sure I am following the correct steps in start tutorials.
Anyone can give me some advise ?

1)  Are you absolutely sure

1)  Are you absolutely sure the boot mode switch positions are all set to ON? The ON position is clearly marked on the switch.

2)  To eliminate issues with the USB-JTAG module on the Carrier Card, do you have a Xilinx USB JTAG cable you can use instead? You can plug the USB JTAG cable into the J6 JTAG header on the Carrier Card (make sure to disconnect the USB cable from the USB-JTAG module when using the USB JTAG cable).