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Vivado does not generate constraints file?

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Vivado does not generate constraints file?

Hey everyone,

I'm just doing the first steps with the Zedboard.

When I create a new project the way it is described in the tutorial ( the "Constraints" folder stays empty.

In the tutorial I see that there should be a file in the folder (look here:

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Is that critical? I want to use the GPIO IP-block and connect it to pins and I'm not sure how this should work without a constraints file.

By the way: "Generate Output Products" doesn't create that missing file...


You will need to create a contraints file

There is no constraints file in the tutorial yet. So far there is nothing connected to the pins of the PL section of the device, but when you do add the GPIO block and connect it to actual pins you will need to create one. Take a look at Chapter 3 of the Zynq Concepts, Tools and Techniques tutorial for an example of how to create the .xdc constraints file here: