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Writing Data From PL to DDR RAM problem

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Writing Data From PL to DDR RAM problem

I am working on data transferring from PL to DDR RAM. When I run the software application using JTAG, I could read and write to DDR from PS. But the data I write to DDR from my AXI DMA ,does not write on the DDR when my application is running. But after I stopped the application and re-run the application without switching off the board, the data is written on the DDR RAM. My guess is the problem is in my main() function. I may not be calling all the functions to configure the hardware platform correctly. But I can not figure out what it is. This is a sketch of my main() function and headers included in the program.  I am using SDK 2016.1 and Vivado 2016.1 for my design.

#include <stdio.h>

#include "platform.h"

#include "ps7_init.h"

#include "xil_printf.h"

#include "xil_io.h"

#include "xscugic.h"

#include "xparameters.h"

#include "xgpio.h"


int main()


     // Initializing hardware platform

     xil_printf("Initializing Hardware platform.....\n\r");



     // ps7_post_config() to enable the level shifters @PS-PL boundary and release the RESET signal to enable the PL




     /******* program body ********/


     // DMA initialization

     //Interrupt initialization

     //GPIO initialization


     // infinite loop






     /******* end of body ********/


    return 0;



I am stuck here for few days now. But still could not find the solution. Hope some can resolve this issue. Thanks in advance..

Hello Hbmdds,

Hello Hbmdds,

Try taking a look at this forum post, it has a lot of excellent information in regards to PL accessing DDR. 


Thank you for the reply

Thank you for the reply JFoster.
Anyway, I figured the problem my self. It worked when I flushed the cash and read...