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Writing jpg file to ddr

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Writing jpg file to ddr

I'vebuilt a PL bloc for image processing and I want to test it on my zc702 so I want to store an jpg file on the ddr to be later on retrieved by VDMA and used by my ip bloc. Is there a way to store a jpg file on the ddr either before starting my standalone application or within the application itself??



While you could write code in your application to initialize the DDR section with your image the easist way is probably to use the SDK Debugger to write the image into the DDR memory.

In the SDK Debug Configuration dialog select 'Target Setup' and specify the file to copy and the memory location. There are step by step instructions on something similar in XAPP1026. Take a look at Step 6 on page 17 and make sure to follow the 'zynq' instructions: