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Xen Hypervisor on UltraZed

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Xen Hypervisor on UltraZed

I'm trying to boot up Xen on UltraZed-EG Starter Kit.
Petalinux 2017.2 works with the new BSP file.
Then, I tried to build Xen for the board according to the link below.
It says that "xen-overlay.dtsi" is required, but Petalinux project of UltraZed does not have.
So I would like to ask:

  1. Is it possible that self-coding the dtsi file?

    Is there reference document for Xen dtsi file?

  2. Do you have a plan to provide the dtsi file for Xen just as ZCU102 board has.

Thank you.

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RE: Xen Hypervisor on UltraZed

Hi Ryosuke,

We do not currently have a way to support Xen on UltraZed. However, I don't know of any reason why you should not be able to get this to work.

According to this post, you can just copy xen-overlay.dtsi from a ZCU102 BSP and modify according to your settings.

Best Regards,


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RE: Xen Hypervisor on UltraZed

We are working on a Yocto recipe of our Xen distribution to support the UltraZed board. We have it up an running and will be pushing it out to github soon.

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Hi Jarvis, 

Hi Jarvis, 
I am also testing the UltraZed board:
So, is there a place where we can monitor the release of the Yocto recipe you mentioned? Or, can you send me a copy of the draft? We are in the middle of a prototype and really need Xen on UltraZed to complete it.