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zedboard and NT1065 through SPI

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zedboard and NT1065 through SPI

I'm interested in Interfacing Zynq (through Zedboard) to peripheral slave devices via SPI. and I have to connect the FMC connector of zedboard to NT1065. Since I have never worked on an SoC before and I'm finding it a bit tricky to implement a simple SPI link.
Here are my questions:
1. What pins are going to be there for MOSI, MISO, select and clock.
2. How to connect the ext_clk of SPI IP to zynq of zedboard?
3. How I am going to generate bitstream.
I'm hoping this will get me started on Zynq.


Welcome to the world of SoC!

Welcome to the world of SoC! We're excited to hear that you want to learn. I suggest you start with the basic, embedded system design flow which is available through the Xilinx University Program. Go to this link here, and check out the "Workshop Material" links.


You could also try Avnet's Tutorial series, although we do not have it specifically for ZedBoard. Our latest training material is for MiniZed --