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zedboard ifconfig eth0 error

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zedboard ifconfig eth0 error

When I do lab follow ug1165 with zedboard.when I have done the follow steps,the linux looks like work on board.
(1)Xilinx Tools > Prgram FPGA(SDK2014.4)
(2)connect -url TCP:
(3)targets 2(XSDB)
(4)source ps7_init.tcl(XSDB)
(6)dow u-boot.elf(it from example consistent with ug1165)(XSDB)
(8)Press enter when serial terminal appear:Hit eny key to stop autoboot:xx(serial terminal)
(10)dow -data image.ub 0x10000000(XSDB)
(12)bootm 0x10000000(serial terminal)
and then login:root
Complete booting the processor.
when I input:ifconfig eth0(serial terminal)
error message appear:error fetching interface information:Device not found
How cal solve it?

Hello Yang,

Hello Yang,

It looks like the initial release was targeting the 2015.1 tool set for that training. My suggestion would be to upgrade to whatever version of the tools your UG1165 is targeting.


it looks like the provided

it looks like the provided files(images、dtb、and elf,etc)are for ZC702,but my is zedboard.I follow,and that problem is disappeared.thanyou very much.