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Zedboard No HDMI Output after 10 minutes

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Zedboard No HDMI Output after 10 minutes

I am working on a project with zedboard . I need to output images to the monitor via HDMI interface . I download a demo zedboard-oob-design from official website and run linux on zedboard successfully.The images can be output via hdmi successfully,but it can only work for about 12 minutes.There will be no HDMI output after 12 minutes,but I can still control OLED and LEDs on the terminal.I need the board keep displaying images via hdmi for at least 30 minutes.I don't know how to work around it . I really need your help!Thanks a lot!

Xiao Yuan

Have you already looked at

Have you already looked at

HDMI Bare Metal Reference Design Using ADV7511 and ADI IP?

I have the same issue

I look at the doc of Reference, but it seems not mention about this. The output disappears after about 10min. Is this the problem of my sw? or it the setting of the reference sw/hw?

The ZedBoard OOB Linux image

The ZedBoard OOB Linux image is supplied by Digilent so you would need to contact them to find out why the HDMI interface turns off after 10 minutes, but I did verify that it does. I checked with the reference design suggested by Bryan above and the HDMI display does not time out after 10 minutes, so the timeout is related to the Digilent Linux implementation.
You might also want to consider using another Linux implementation for the ZedBoard. There are both Linux and HDMI reference designs posted here:
You might also want to take a look at the Silica Architech Yocto Linux community project for Zedboard:

My HDMI drops after ~10 minutes as well ...

I've reimplemented the full set of reference IP which meets timing in combination with my own circuitry which maxes out the fabric.

Sometimes it drops the signal after a few minutes, and sometimes it runs all night. It seems to relate to the image being static ... when it runs all night it's because I've left the camera feed running.

Did anyone ever find a definite cause and/or solution for this?

I need my prototype to at least get through a demo without having to reboot ...

RE: Zedboard No HDMI Output after 10 minutes

Hi folks,

I believe that what you are seeing is a default behavior for Linux rather than something specific to ZedBoard. I think the reasoning behind the timeout is for when you have a monitor connected to a VGA command prompt of a server sitting in a closet, that the monitor does not get phosphor burn in from showing a command prompt to the display for years on end.

That being said, I was able to duplicate the behavior that you were seeing with my ZedBoard where the display would blank after about 12 minutes of idle time.

I did some research and found that there is a kernel boot argument named "consoleblank" which can be used to control the timeout.

According to the kernel documentation:

"consoleblank=N; defaults to 600 (10 minutes); affects all real VTs; affects screen sessions in a VT; no way to set while running."

If you add the kernel boot argument "consoleblank=0" to the list of your existing boot arguments, you should no longer observe the timeout blanking.

I tried this for the ZedBoard Digilent OOB SD Card image by modifying the bootargs settings within the devicetree and so far I have seen the Tux Penguins shown continuously for over an hour now on my HDMI display. Can you try the same thing on your end and see if that works for you as well?