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ZedBoard not starting

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ZedBoard not starting

I am having issues getting a new ZedBoard started as stated in the guide. 
First time turning it on, it started correctly as in the guide . But I was not able to move forward after step 5( LD12 lighting up), since I didn't install the USB-to_UART driver. 
The next day I wanted to install the driver and the board is not going through the correct power cycle process. Only LD13 is lighting and LD12 is not lighting up. But the "device plugged" sound comes on my PC when I turn the power switch ON. 
Yes, the jumpers are in the correct position. :)

Hello ZedQuest,

Hello ZedQuest,

For eduactional support please ask your question over at the Digilent forum

However here are some things to take a look at and get you started.

Led 12 is indicating that the PL has been configured correctly. When it is not illuminated that means that an issue occured during the boot process. This can indicated anything from a hardware setup issue to an image issue.

Led 13 indicates power is good and everything powered up correctly.

The noise you hear from your PC is the COM port for the Zedboard enumerating on the PC. This allows you to access the zedboard via a terminal program. (this function was enabled after you installed the USB-UART driver)

Here are the things I would check:

Triple check you have the correct jumper positions

Make sure your SD card has the boot.bin images on it that should have been provided from the factory.

Make sure your SD card is properly installed on your Zedboard

Make sure Jumper JP6 is shorted on your Zedboard(when this is open it prevent SD card boot) Please refer to the Hardware User Guide as to why this is important.

Good luck with your debug!