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zedboard SDK load elf error

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zedboard SDK load elf error

zedboard hardware project use vivado 2014.4 embedded zedboard zynq evaluation and development kit design without any modification.Generate bitstream directly and program device successfully.
Then i lanuch SDK and use helloworld application without any modification.after i build it and run error occured:

problem occured window :
An internal error occurred during: "Launching New_configuration".
No Target with ID 64 in the System

SDK log:
21:37:04 INFO : Processor reset is completed for ps7_cortexa9_0
21:37:07 ERROR : Unexpected error while launching program.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to download ELF file

AP transaction error (DP CTRL_STAT=0xf0000021)
Error Address = 0x00100000, Size = 0x00000004

at com.xilinx.sdk.targetmanager.internal.TM.downloadELF(
at com.xilinx.sdk.debug.core.XilinxAppLaunchConfigurationDelegate.runApplication(

at the beginning i used this process run helloworld application can read helloworld at serial port.but these days error occurred. who knows what is the problem?

I'm not sure about this

I'm not sure about this answer but you could check into it.

I find it suspicious that the error address is 0x100000. This is the beginning of the DDR memory. You could be trying to write the program to 0x100000 and then run it from there too (overwriting something). Try going into the linker script and running the program from the OCM RAM instead of the DDR.

RE: zedboard SDK load elf error

Hi Tianran,

I suspect that running from OCM as ktuck suggested will probably work fine but you will run into other problems later on.

Your reported details sound exactly like the PS7 configuration issue reported here:

Check your launch configuration and make certain that the ps7_init.tcl file is being used to initialize the processor before your application is run. Otherwise, the DDR3 controller does not get initialized properly and you cannot write the Hello World application to the DDR3 memory (well actually you can, but when you read it back it is corrupted information at that point).



Hi Tianran

Hi Tianran

I 've made a zynq board.I 'm your problems.Are you able to solve the problem.please help me.

Thank you.