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Zedboard Sensor Project

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Zedboard Sensor Project

Good day,


I am currently working on Zedboard for education purposes. I would like to implement a project in which I will use a force sensitive resistor sensor and then I will have the force value written on OLED which is placed on Zedboard. The following is a picture from the set up. Sensor signal is entered to Zedboard through 12 bit SPI ADC. However, I could not find any tutorial explaining usage of sensor with Zedboard. I think I should use SPI block but I do not know how to use it and could not find any tutorial about that, either.  

Can you help me about how can I read this sensor and write its value on display?






If your application runs under Linux I would take a look at the 'Wind River Pulsar Linux OS with SPI Peripheral Integration reference design for the Industrial IoT Starter Kit.

You can download it here:

If you are looking for a 'bare metal' application these links might be helpful: