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ZedBoard Software Lab 7

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ZedBoard Software Lab 7

I have completed software lab 7 for the Zedboard. When I run my boot image it seems to run fine except it hangs on the line that tests the Ethernet port in the Test_Peripherals application. After seeing this behavior I decided to run the Test_Peripherals application in a jtag debug mode similar to what was done in SW Lab05. Here when I run the application it steps all the way through the application and does not hang at the line that tests the Ethernet port "Running Interrupt Test for ps7_ethernet_0..." What would cause this problem.

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Which version of Vivado are

Which version of Vivado are you using?
Have you tried plugging in an Ethernet cable to the board and a router to see if that makes a difference?
Since the Test_Peripherals application is auto-generated by Vivado, it sounds like this is a Xilinx tools issue. Also interesting that it works in debug mode. Did you also post on the Xilinx forums? If you learn what the issue is, please report back.